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Once a month

Get ready for the most thrilling night of the month! The "Parent's Night Out Event" is here to electrify your kids' evening with heart-pounding excitement and jaw-dropping adventures!

⏰ Time: 6 P.M.  to 9 P.M.

 👦👧 Age Group: Calling all adventurers aged 6-17

👟 Attire: Sport your coolest athletic wear and rock those high-performance shoes!

🚀 Event Highlights 🚀

  1. Parkour Powerhouse: Our parkour maestros will unveil the secrets of epic parkour moves, from soaring jumps to lightning-fast vaults! Your kids will get to experience the art of fluid movement like real urban ninjas!

  2. Conquer the Chaos: Buckle up for adrenaline-fueled obstacle challenges that will push your kids' limits and ignite their competitive spirit. 

  3. Game On, Team!: It's not just parkour; it's an all-out fun fest! Our action-packed games and team activities will unite your kids in laughter and friendship. They will become a force to be reckoned with!

  4. Supervision Superstars: No worries, superheroes! Our vigilant staff will keep a watchful eye on all the action, ensuring your kids are safe while they embark on their epic parkour journey.

  5. Unleash Creativity: By learning some basic moves your kids will discover their inner parkour artists. It's more than movement—it's an expressive art form they'll love!

🎟️ Registration 🎟️

Spots for this incredible event are disappearing faster than a superhero's cape! Secure your child's spot now by registering online at Fluent Motions Parent's Night Out | Customer Portal | Customer Portal ( Hurry, this heart-racing event is in high demand!


⚠️ Note to Parents ⚠️

Parents, unleash your own superhero powers—enjoy a well-deserved night out while your kids embark on a journey of epic proportions! We promise an unforgettable night of non-stop excitement, friendship, and pure parkour joy!

This is the event your kids have been waiting for, where ordinary becomes extraordinary and where adventure knows no bounds. Don't miss the "Parent's Night Out Parkour Event"—an evening of pure adrenaline and joy! Sign up now and let the parkour adventure begin! 🤸‍♂️🔥🌟

Items needed/Suggested for PNO:

  • Water Bottle (There is a water fountain)

  • Appropriate shoes/clothing (Separate gym shoes and outside shoes)

  • Any emergency item such as an inhaler (Please notify us of allergies or possible inhaler need.)

  • Please keep tablets or other costly items at home to prevent possible loss/accidental destruction.

Sign in/Sign out sheets will be available at drop off/pick up. Parents more than 5 minutes late to pick up may receive additional charges. Families with multiple children will recieve a multi-kid discount.

Camps: Welcome

Interested in trying a class?

Please take a moment to fill out the form and lets learn some parkour!

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