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Group Parkour

Level 1

Welcome to Level 1 Parkour, a fantastic starting point for your journey into the world of parkour! This level is all about building a strong foundation and gaining confidence in your abilities. You'll be introduced to the core techniques that form the backbone of parkour, setting you up for incredible progress in the future.

In Level 1, you'll learn the art of precision jumping, a fundamental skill that allows you to land accurately on small surfaces or gaps. With patient guidance from experienced instructor, you'll quickly master landing techniques to ensure safe landings from various heights. Safety is paramount at this stage, as you develop your physical awareness and control.

Vaulting will become second nature to you as you learn the speed step, Kong vault, and reverse vault which are essential for overcoming obstacles smoothly and efficiently. Your instructors will guide you through each step, providing helpful feedback to improve your form.

Balance training will challenge and improve your stability, an essential skill for moving confidently across narrow surfaces or railings. Your newfound balance will unlock exciting opportunities in your parkour journey.

At the heart of Level 1 Parkour is the focus on enjoying the process of learning and growing. Embrace the challenges, celebrate every accomplishment, and remember that the journey itself is incredibly rewarding.

So, get ready to embark on an exciting adventure filled with discovery, perseverance, and a supportive community of fellow traceurs. Level 1 is just the beginning of an incredible parkour journey that will undoubtedly change your life forever!

Level 2

Level 2 parkour is an intermediate stage that comes after mastering the fundamental techniques of Level 1. At this point, practitioners have gained confidence in their abilities and are ready to take on more demanding challenges and obstacles.

In Level 2, practitioners focus on improving their precision and control. Precision jumps become more challenging, requiring participants to land accurately on small surfaces. This skill is essential for navigating through tight spaces and overcoming narrow gaps between structures.

Wall runs are introduced, where practitioners sprint towards a vertical wall and use their momentum to run up it. This technique enables them to reach higher surfaces or transition smoothly between obstacles.

Cat leaps are another key aspect of Level 2 parkour. It involves jumping from one object to another, typically with the hands or arms ready to catch and stabilize the landing. Cat leaps are useful for clearing larger gaps or obstacles efficiently.

Vaults become more advanced, including techniques like reverse vaults, kong vaults, and dash vaults off of and onto various heights. Practitioners learn to execute these movements swiftly and seamlessly, enabling them to overcome obstacles with minimal loss of momentum.

Flow and combinations play a significant role in Level 2. Practitioners focus on linking multiple techniques together, creating fluid movement sequences that allow them to traverse complex environments gracefully.

Improving balance and precision is also emphasized at this level. Practitioners practice walking or running along narrow beams, rails, or other precarious surfaces to develop better balance and control over their movements.

Safety techniques are a crucial part of Level 2 parkour. Practitioners learn how to bail or roll out of unsuccessful movements, minimizing the risk of injury in case of a fall.

As practitioners progress through Level 2, it is essential for them to train under the guidance of experienced coaches or skilled practitioners who can provide valuable feedback, corrections, and safety tips. Training in a controlled and safe environment is vital to ensure continuous improvement and avoid unnecessary risks.

In summary, Level 2 parkour builds upon the foundations laid in Level 1, introducing more challenging techniques and obstacles. Practitioners focus on precision, control, and flow, while emphasizing safety throughout their training journey.

Level 3

Welcome to our Level 3 Parkour class, where we'll take your parkour skills to new heights! This class is designed for experienced practitioners who have already mastered Level 2 parkour techniques.

In Level 3, we'll delve into a wide range of advanced movements, including complex vaults, wall runs, and flips. You'll learn how to execute these techniques with finesse and control, pushing your boundaries and building confidence in your abilities.

Precision jumps will be a key focus, challenging you to accurately gauge distances and land with precision on small and narrow surfaces from different heights and angles. You'll develop the skills needed to navigate challenging environments with ease and confidence.

Combining movements will also be a significant aspect of this class. You'll learn how to link different parkour techniques seamlessly, creating fluid and efficient flow through obstacles.

Tic-tacs and wall transfers will add a new dimension to your parkour repertoire, enabling you to use momentum from one wall to propel yourself onto another wall or higher obstacle.

Climbing and descending techniques will be taught, allowing you to ascend vertical obstacles with ease and safely navigate downward movements.

Creative expression is highly encouraged at this level, as you'll have the opportunity to develop your own unique style and approach to parkour while maintaining safety and respect for the environment.

To support your progress, we'll incorporate targeted strength and conditioning exercises, ensuring you have the physical capabilities to meet the demands of advanced movements.

Our experienced instructors prioritize safety and proper technique, and they'll guide you through challenging exercises to help you advance your parkour skills.

Before enrolling in this Level 3 class, it's important to have a strong foundation in Level 2 parkour techniques to ensure a smooth and safe learning experience.

Get ready for an exhilarating journey of movement and exploration as you continue to refine your parkour abilities and become a more skilled practitioner!

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