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Class Requirements

Here at Fluent Motions safety is one of our biggest concerns. With this in mind we need the proper footwear to allow us the ability to use our environment without slipping. Please wear gym only, rubber sole shoes that don't have many ridges or gaps as this may make them more likely to slip. For your first day it would be a good idea to bring 2 pairs of shoes to see what works better. Please avoid bringing foam sole shoes to class as they are a huge slip risk, and you may not be able to participate in all parts of the class. We do have Parkour shoes available for purchase at the gym. If you'd like to make sure we have you/your kid's size, please reach out to us in advance.

For the rest of our attire, it is advised that you wear shorts and a breathable short sleeve shirt. If preferred, you can wear sweats and long sleeve shirts but please do your best to wear clothes that you can bend and stretch in! Some good tests for clothing would be to raise your knees above your waist to make sure your clothes don't restrict your movement. you can do a similar movement with your t-shirt by moving your arms in a windmill motion and testing if it restricts your arms. If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to bring multiple clothing options and you can change in our bathroom!

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