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Upcoming Events

Camps Ages 7-11

  • July 22nd through 26th Early Registration ends May 15th

  • August 5th through 9th Early Registration ends June 1st

Camps Ages 12-17

  • June 24th through 28th 

Early Registration ends April 1st

  • July 22nd through 26th

Early Registration ends May 15th

Parents Night Out

  • May 18th


Program Promises


Risk Management

Parkour entails inherent risks, necessitating students' proficiency in risk assessment and management. They learn to evaluate potential hazards, understand personal physical limits, and make informed decisions about challenges. By instilling a safety-focused mindset and responsible risk-taking, participants engage in parkour with confidence, reducing accident risks and fostering a sustainable practice.


Our Parkour program offers more than physical training. Students explore culture, language, and society, shaping their identities and fostering belonging. We emphasize proactive thinking and emotional intelligence, preparing students to manage life's challenges with confidence.


Positive Learning Experience

We are dedicated to providing a positive and inclusive learning environment for every participant. Our program promises to cultivate a supportive atmosphere where your child feels encouraged to take on challenges, celebrate successes, and learn from setbacks. With a focus on fostering confidence, resilience, teamwork, strengthening, and coordination, we guarantee that your child will not only grow as a parkour practitioner but also as a well-rounded individual.

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